Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Second Annual BEDFORT

So last year for Spring Break I recounted my experiences with a post-a-day for week, and called it BEDFORT because of reasons. I could do that again this year, but that sounds like a lot of work. Instead, I think I'll just rant about some stuff that happened.
My roommates and I flew down to Texas for the week and stayed at the house of two of them. To get there, we flew from Hartford airport to Dallas, with a connection in Newark. Now, the flight from Hartford to Newark is very, very short, and only takes about forty minutes. We ended up sitting in the airport for about three hours, because this tiny, insignificant flight was delayed about two hours. At the time we were supposed to be boarding, we were notified the plane was about to leave from New Jersey to arrive there in about an hour. I don't handle stressful situations and delays well. This is a fact. Even though we made the time go faster playing the "I hope Rick Santorum" game, where you come up with funny and awful situations to happen to Rick Santorum. For example, "I hope Rick Santorum falls off Rainbow Road in Mario Cart every time he tries to drift," and "I hope Rick Santorum gets attacked by geese when he visits Oxford." (Which is something that happened to us last year.) We also wasted time by trying to figure out what sport the guys walking around in khakis and white polos played. The final verdict I believe was baseball. But we were discussing it for an embarassingly long time.
By the time we finally arrived in New Jersey, we were in serious danger of missing our flight. Racing out of the gate, we discovered we needed to get two terminals away, and boarding had started ten minutes ago. We made our way to the correct terminal as fast as we could, then realized we had to go through security again. At this point I'm pretty much having a heart attack, especially when my friend says while we're waiting in the security line, "Do you think we should ask people if we can go through because we're so late?" and the guy in front of us turns around and responds, "No. We're all in the same boat." Oh, really? You're in the same boat as us? Your flight started boarding twenty minutes ago? WHAT A COINCIDENCE.
We all got through security and then proceeded to sprint through the terminal. And I'm not exaggerating when I say we sprinted. I'm really out of shape, by the way. Thank God for moving walkways. Of course our gate was at the very end of the terminal so we ran as far as we possibly could and made it just as they were announcing last call for boarding.
My feelings of incredible pride and victory were slightly hindered after this as we sat on the plane at the gate for twenty minutes as mechanics tried to fix some seats that were "uninhabitable". Whatever.
I then gave up on doing my reading for Ancient Greece and resolved myself to listening to The Script's album on repeat until we landed. Within ten minutes of doing so, we saw multiple people with rhinestones on sweatshirts and cell phones, where they really don't belong. TEXAS.