Thursday, April 19, 2012

Let Me Play You "Call Me Maybe," the Song of My People

So last Sunday a trio of YouTube musicians, Dave Days, Alex Goot, and Chad Sugg released a cover of the latest "This is so bad wait why am I singing along what is this witchcraft?" song, "Call Me Maybe." Now, before this, I had only heard the song about two times, and only really knew a smattering of the chorus. After this video appeared in my YouTube subscription box on Sunday morning, I was replaying it, using all three of the guys' channels (you know, to be fair with my views) for the next 48 hours. Continuously. I wish I could explain to you the extent to which I am not kidding.

For full understanding of this post, this might be necessary information:

Now, what is it about this particular video that made it so addicting that I still find myself playing it multiple times in a row, five days after its release?
Part of it is the song. It has the One Direction-Justin Bieber-I Hate Myself That I Love This aspect to it. Sure, it's vapid, lacking in any real lyrical substance, and very poorly rhymed. But the thing is catchy as hell.
Another, probably larger aspect to this video's hold on me has to be, however, the musicians. They're attractive. I can say that, because I'm 21, and at this age that's still a valid excuse to like someone. But let's not talk about Dave Days in this video because he's wearing a baseball hat sideways and gives these "Hey gurl" looks to the camera throughout the video that unsettle me.
They main theme of the video is two guys, Alex and Chad, decide to emulate Dave (who is a very successful and popular YouTube musician) and play some music. But hold the phone now, they're NERDS. Well that just won't do. So Dave Days magically exits their TV and sings the second verse then transforms them into rock stars. The three finish the song in new clothes and a fresh cloud of dry ice.

So here's the thing: both first-half and second-half "types" of guys are appealing to me. And not just for the, "Well, Sara, they're the same people with the same faces so yeah," but the personalities they portray. The ukelele-playing, horn-rimmed glasses wearing guys dancing with clenched fists makes me just as happy as the fashionable teen-girl-dream-fodder who take their places. (On a related note: seriously, how easy is it for guys to dress well? Grab a pair of jeans, a nice button-down or clean t-shirt, maybe a tie or a jacket, done. It's not fair.)
What it comes down to is this: regardless of appearance, throughout the video, the abilities and skills of the guys shine through. And I've said it before and I'll say it again: there is nothing more attractive than talent.

Also, hotness.

But mostly talent.

It's 50/50.

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