Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Everybody loves a list, right? That can't just be me.

So now it's been a while since I left London, and I think I've been doing well with not dwelling on how much I miss it. But I just explained my trip to another family member, and it just got me thinking about the little things that were just part of my life in the U.K. Things like...

-my wallet weighing down my purse because of the excess of coins in it...
-but also the pure joy of having one pound coins
-Brits telling America jokes
-embracing the joke and playing up the 'MURICA HELL YEAH character
-"You're watching 40D, on Youtube"
-constantly holding my Oystercard upside down because my picture is terrible
-all Sainsbury's Basics, but mostly ten scones or a chocolate bar for 33 pence. 33 PENCE, YOU GUYS.
-seeing an Eat every other block
-going to bed four hours before my roommates because they're staying up to watch the basketball game live back home
-Looking enough like a local that people ask you how to get to Holborn station.
-Mars bars
-the creepy convenient store workers who are just friendly enough to not make you run out screaming, Magnum bar in hand
-the huge sparkly high heeled shoe in front of the theater for "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"
-playing with one of the trillion ketchup packets Emily brought to the table for her small bowl of fries.
-Emily yelling at me when I call them "fries" when they're "chips"
-Emily laughing at me when I call them "pants" when they're "trousers"
-hearing people at my internship mock Wales
-seeing a Harry Potter advert on the side of a double decker bus
-hanging out with my friends so I can eat the food they made, when I didn't help make it
-British friends asking my how many bases are on a baseball field
-my Poli-Sci professor bashing Sarah Palin
-heading to a pub after class, for a celebration or just because we were all craving burgers
-the feeling of accomplishment after successfully navigating public transportation
-debating buying a hat that only costs a pound, then wearing it three times a week for four months
-passing the British museum every day on the way to school
-complaining about the hoards of tourists blocking the sidewalk in front of the museum
-seeing groups of tiny British children in uniforms on a field trip to the museum and forgiving everything
-an Irish person to me: "Is that an Irish accent I hear?" Me: "No, it's just American" *internally*: "SHE THOUGHT I WAS IRISH YESYESYES ALWAYS AND FOREVER"
-being in tons of Dailybooth pictures despite not having an account myself because my friends are fantastically nerdy
-seeing Rupert Grint at a local pub

ok that last one didn't happen. But it should have.

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