Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Term in Storrs

Four day weekend= I suppose I can manage to write up a post.
But it's still the weekend, so I think I'm just going to rant at you today.
Here are some interesting slash funny things that have happened to me in the past few weeks.
-My British friend Greg flew to America and stayed with Emily for a week before school started. So a few of us gathered there to celebrate the superiority of these United States. This included seeing Plymouth Rock, quickly leaving Plymouth Rock because my friend Alyssa was afraid I would "rain shit" on some tours happening there (frankly, I probably would have. I hate that place), listening to "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog", laughing as Greg, who has never seen it, was utterly confused by the lyrics, and finally with friends modeling onesies.
-I accidentally left my wallet at Emily's house, so I spent that next week driving to and from work without a license. Laws? I laugh at your laws.
-I ordered all my books for school online, but instead of one textbook about African American history, I received the Reader's Digest New Fix-It-Yourself Handbook. I was confused. And apparently so was the company I ordered it from, because I asked them about it and received a response of "Shit if I know." I may be paraphrasing but that was the idea.
-I moved into school last Saturday, and in the ten minutes I spent parking my car, my 3 roommates, who I had just rudely woken up, took almost all of my stuff up to the room. The only thing I actually had to carry upstairs was one crate. I am surrounded by fabulous people and I am useless.
-Sunday was Hurricane Irene. While some other friends lost their power and had to read by light of the storm, my room was comfortable air conditioned and we spent the day watching movies and people run through the rain to the dining hall.
-That night we had a floor meeting, which is always heaven for my judgemental mind. During the "Tell all of us your life story even though no one cares" this one gorilla of a guy said "I play football. I'm a sports management major." Excuse me while I pick myself up from being knocked over in surprise.
-We had the following Monday off so streets could be cleared of Irene debris and it was a beautiful day and a great way to start the semester.
-Tuesday was the first day of school and I sat in class for about 11 hours. Tuesdays are not so fun for me. Except I met a lot of people who were actually nice. I was probably more surprised by their niceness than I should have been. I might be losing some of my cynicism. Tragedy.
-Thursday was similar to Tuesday. Classes for hours, then my mom stopped by to drop off a chair, then I had dinner with a friend, after which she used our shower because power was still off in her apartment. Later that night I discovered sheets and a pillow in my microwave. I'm just going to leave that without context.
-On Friday night we decided to go get Papa John's pizza, and then were stuck in traffic for way too long trying to get back. My friends discovered I get hilariously murder-y when I'm in traffic.
-Last night we watched the latest Doctor Who, which is totally my new thing. Obsessed.
Also, there's a guy in my African American history to 1850 class who kind of looks like Nick Jonas. True Story.

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