Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm back to writing posts now. Writing posts is cool.

I have a new thing to obsess over. This is not news. For years I've found new things and then loved them disproportionately for a while, then moved on to the next thing. In retrospect, many of these turned out to be incredibly embarrassing (I'm not saying I have a Joe Jonas pillow... or chair... or tote bag) but liking things is just what I do.
My newest discovery is Doctor Who and I need to add words to this sentence so it doesn't rhyme with the one before it.
Let me tell you why this show is the best thing ever in the history of best things. At least for me. At this point in time.
In a weird development I might call "ironic" if I didn't hate that word and all the vastly uninteresting debates about what is or isn't irony, I started watching the show almost immediately after I returned from England. For the entirety of the summer, I caught up on episodes, mostly restricted to one episode a day by Megavideo's hated 70-minute rule. And let's be clear, when I say I watched the series, I mean the since-2005 stuff. There's about twenty to thirty years of classic Doctor Who I will probably never watch because the special effects are what are scientifically referred to now as "adorable."
Also, if you're a British actor and haven't been on Doctor Who, you pretty much don't matter. Simon Pegg, the woman who played Simon Pegg's mom in "Shaun of the Dead," Neil Gaiman, Andrew Garfield, Bill Nighy, that boy who played Chris in "Skins" and plenty of other people I'm not cultured enough to know all participated in the show at some point because they're British and that's just what you DO.
And the actress who played Martha Jones (a very underrated companion, in my opinion. Why does Rose get so much love? Girlfriend was irritating.) is now on "Law and Order: UK" which is a show premise I find kind of hilarious for reasons I can't quite explain.
Now let's discuss the guys on the show. Not the regenerations of the Doctor, but the regular guys. (Except not Mickey- never Mickey.) For the most part, not counting Captain Jack, the men who are on the show are not stop-you-in-your-tracks hot or impressive. They are normal guys, doing the best they can with their lots in life. Through experiences with the Doctor, the audience sees their true worth and we get to discover these guys we didn't give a second thought in the beginning of the episode are now making us laugh and melting our hearts. They aren't superheroes. They are our best friends, our classmates, who become extraordinary. And I love that. Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again: if a guy dresses up as Rory Williams, I take no responsibility for what happens to them. My attraction will make me black out and I won't even know what happened. This is fact.
I'm not even going to discuss the Doctors themselves. Because David Tennant. I love Nine and Eleven but come on. David effing Tennant. Your argument is invalid.
Also, I saw Matt Smith with a stuffed badger, and now I want a stuffed badger.
Anyone? Mediocre "Mean Girls" jokes? Anyone? No? Understandable.

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