Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm embarassing Part 2

I just turned 21 last week, but does this new, legal maturity mean I've reached a new level of grace and maturity?
Let's explore this.
-On the night of my birthday, during one of my more... free... moments, I was told to bite a pumpkin sitting on a nearby table. I did.
-Driving back to campus a few days ago with a friend in the car, we were having a perfectly normal conversation, (led by him, obviously. I can't manage a normal conversation) when I saw that the car in front of us had a Minnesota license plate. I then preceded to freak out and point like a crazy person out the window, to the point where he thought I was having a seizure or we were about to crash.
-Taylor Swift makes up a fifth of my most played songs. All Time Low makes up almost a quarter.
-I run two separate Twitter accounts.
-My sister, upon seeing my put an ice cream cake in my mini-fridge: "Are you sure that's cold enough?"
Me: "Of course it is."
*the next day*
Me: "Hey, ~roommate~?... Are you hungry?.... Ok, because I have a half-melted cake here that kind of needs to be dealt with."
-My suite's common room has become less of "a shared space for all four roommates to live in harmoniously" and more of "extra space for Sara's stuff to take up when she's too lazy to put it back or throw it away."
-At my student teaching placement yesterday, while my teacher was out of the classroom, I was spinning myself continuously in a desk chair. Then a man walked in.
-I created an entirely new blog about my friend Greg, for a joke. Completely normal action.


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