Monday, February 14, 2011

british boys are better than you

So I think I've mentioned a few times that here in London I have a few local friends (SUCK IT, JEALOUS AMERICANS). And now I've discovered they kind of might actually read this, so of course that means I have to dedicate a post to telling you about them. I'm just an amazing friend, right?
Greg- now usually I don't really like trumpet players (WHAT I was in band for ten years, of course I have prejudices), but for Greg I make an exception. He's actually a big deal in the underground London jazz community, which exists and everything. Even though honestly it is a tad annoying when he carries that freaking trumpet everywhere we go and even occassionally takes it out in tube stations and tries playing for money, when he knows street performers make me uncomfortable. If you're curious, this is him. SO GOOD I know.

my shirt is on backwards. I just noticed that.

Ben- now what's really interesting about him is he's actually trying to go for the world record in the vintage video game Space Invaders. He's still pretty mediocre to be honest, but dangit he's passionate about this game. Every time we hang out with the guys, we have to find an arcade (which is pretty difficult considering, you know, London) and just let him practice for a bit. We don't mind, it's a good opportunity to get a corndog. If you've ever read or seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, you'll know there is a character in it who is all into the game Dragon Slayer, and this was actually Ben's inspiration for his own "quest" (HA). And I know you jerks are all thinking "Oooh so prissy he likes Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," but if you'll recall, in the sequel, that guy gets with Tibby and is completely hot. So cool down your judgy minds.
I just realized the title of that book has a different meaning here in Britain. ick.

Josh- his claim to fame is actually through Twitter. Josh runs a fake Lord Voldemort account (I like how I said "fake" like there could be a real one...) and it's kind of a big deal. He's tweeted as Lord_Voldemort7 over 2,000 times and has about 670,000 followers. I was actually following him before I ever came to London and met Josh through a different circumstance, so when I found out he ran that Twitter, I might have fangirled a little. Besides winning at social networking, Josh also has memorized every line of every single Christian Bale movie ever, excluding "Newsies" which happens to be one of my favorite films of all time, but that's ok, not offended at all.

Ok, so if the Greg link wasn't a dead giveaway, I'm totally kidding. Yep, full of lies.
But they do exist, and to prove it, here's some true information (not a lot of it, because they're real people with real privacy rights).
Greg- he actually goes to university in/near/somewhere in the vicinity of Greenwich maybe? His major (or the British term that's equivalent) is Broadcasting Sound Design (or something) which is apparently a real thing that people do. He also has great hair that's way better than mine (really) and owns approximately two sweatshirts he just switches from day to day. Also, he has a youtube account that's funny and not updated enough because of university and being busy and whatever. *read as: EXCUSES* I'm going to post it here but if he wants me to take it down GREG JUST TELL ME.
Ben- this kid is trying to start up his own website (I'm pretty sure) to help people with resumes, and is constantly tweeting about smart stuff I don't understand. He also doesn't really sleep enough and is a complete pansy about the cold. His accent is also pretty thick, and whenever he says "things" it comes out "fings". He's an Apple fanboy, as so many are, and once when I said I thought Apple is over-rated, he said we couldn't be friends. So there's that.
Josh- he just finished up a super fancy technology (I say that because I don't know what was actually involved and don't want to insult him by getting it wrong) apprenticeship where he had to wear a suit every day. His last name is pretty amazing, and I'm bummed I can't share it with you (because I don't really want you creepers creeping). Also, I'm beating Josh. You don't need to know what I'm beating him at, just know it's 3-2 and I'm winning.
Now I know some of my friends reading this are thinking "Ooooh girl which one you hittin'?!?" (ok, my friends don't talk like that. I'm pretty sure no one talks like that.) And I know that because I'm posting this on Valentine's Day, that might be what people are thinking. Or if they weren't, well, now they are. But still that answer is: None. It's called friendship and it's lovely.
In all honesty, these guys are great and are a major part of why I really don't want to leave London. I mean, the other bigger chunk is probably egg and tomato sandwiches from EAT, but still, that's hard for anything to beat. (HA "egg", "beat". WHY AM I SO FUNNY.)


  1. This is my fave article of yours so far! =D

  2. P.s. It's totes fine you putting my youtube link online. Expecially my trumpet video.