Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vegetarian haggis? Is that even possible?

So I've been neglectful of this, I know. I didn't have a lot of time, ok? But it's fine because now I do and your burning curiosity about my life is about to be assuaged. Calm down.
So I went to Scotland this weekend. I don't know how this ended up being my life, I'm not accustomed to so much awesome. And now you're going to hear about it.
I'm feeling another post of lists. I don't think you'll be too devastated.
-just five minutes of being in Scotland in the airport, I'd already seen two guys in kilts, just walking around like it's no big deal. Which I guess it isn't. But still.
-our hostel was next door neighbor to a castle. like we would leave in the morning and oh, there's a castle. sweet.
-i bought a Scotland rugby shirt for fifteen pounds. i don't regret this purchase at all.
-we had breakfast every morning there at the Elephant House cafe, where JK Rowling (and it's "rowling" like "bowling" fyi) wrote bits of the early Harry Potter books. Needless to say, it is possibly the best, reasonably priced, subtly nerdy places I have ever frequented.
-at said Elephant House, I tried peppermint tea for the first time, and being someone who does not especially like most hot drinks, i didn't expect to like it. MISTAKEN. It is heaven in a cup.
-speaking of the tea, it was adorable. When you order tea you get a whole fricken cute teapot and strainer and cup and it's fantastic and super legit.
-touring the castle itself was really great as well. OH THE WEDDING. I have to tell you about the wedding- so when we were at the castle, this couple was there getting married and taking pictures and i'm going to do a list-in-a-list to explain why this wedding was beautiful and amazing.
-it happened in a CASTLE. duh.
-the chapel they have in the castle is pretty tiny, so they saved money on guests (I'm assuming)
-it was chilly so the bride had to kind of cling to first her dad then the groom when taking pictures and come on, that's adorable.
-the groom was in the military so it was just a really appropriate place for them to be married.
-i'm guessing because it's a pretty public place, the ceremony had to be short (we heard it was 15 minutes) which I am a fan of.
overall, JEALOUS.
ok anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming.
-the pub(?) where we had dinner the first night was a total hipster paradise. Chandaliers, victorian fabric, painted boomboxes on the walls, funky tiger planters. Fantastic.
-I was called "love" by at least one Scottish store owner. *melts*
-Apparently, the closer you get to Ireland, the better the Guiness is. I had a pint, expecting the olive-tasting grossness I tried in the states, but instead found greatness.
I mean, I don't drink, I'm not 21 yet. Plus, drinking is stupid. It affects your decision-making abilities and makes you do dumb things like eat an entire bag of haggis-flavored chips.
-I ate an entire bag of haggis-flavored chips.
-Like in London, a bunch of museums are free and we took advantage of that. Seriously, Europe knows WHAT'S UP.
-we went to this pub where a youtuber I subscribe to works, and we actually saw him. It was pretty fricken exciting for me. This is who I'm talking about, jsyk: http://www.youtube.com/user/littleradge?blend=1&ob=4
he looks like David Tennant.
-after that pub (where it was loud and uncomfortable), we went to an Irish pub down the street, where this band of middle-aged men played some live music and we saw this guy who was completely the numa-numa kid IRL (but not really) dance, and I will never stop smiling when I think about it.
-our flight back to London was delayed an hour, so that wasn't as fun. But we still managed to catch our bus back because we were SUPER SMART and booked one like an hour and a half after our plane was supposed tp land. Scheduling win.
So in summation: Scotland is awesome. You should go.

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  1. Liam does look creepily like David Tennant. I liked his video about how David Tennant stole his identity. Quite amusing