Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this post is too short for a title

Ok I'm bummed. I just wrote a total zinger for an intro, but my better judgement made me delete it and replace it with this. Stupid common sense and respobsible logic. No fun at all.
But anyway, on Monday a bunch of us did get to tour the BBC, which was surprisingly awesome. I'm actually learning stuff here that's really interesting. Unfortunately, even with all this learning, I am apparently unable to come up with a better word for that last sentence to replace "stuff". Whatever.
But yeah, the BBC. Did you know that station is funded just by tax-paying citizens which means they need to provide complete objectivity in news and programming? Am I the only one who finds that fascinating? It's like how in my hometown, the profits from the city-run liquor stores paid for the embellishments to the waterpark. Or at least, those two completely unrelated stories seemed connected in my head. Via text, not so much. But yeah, I saw a Tardis, the people in charge of researching and planning the news, and an actual tv studio for a bad game show all in one tour. AWESOME.
Other than that, I just had classes and my internship this week. If you're in any way curious about the organization I'm working with, this is them.
They're pretty cool people.
It also appears that spring break for me will include a few days in Paris (including a trip to Versailles) and one or two days at the D-Day beaches. Commence jealous hating of me... now.
How's that snow working for you, UConn? I actually needed to zip up my jacket today, so I feel your pain. Only not really. See, I'm laughing at you now. It's fun for me.

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  1. Hey Sara, it's Nikki! So I'm pretty sure I'm extremely jealous of you and that I really want to go back to London. I never really got to do those kinds of things, like tour the BBC. Or tour anything really...

    So yeah! I miss you and I hope you're having a great time in Jolly Ol' England.

    P.S. I'm following you now, you should stop on by and follow me too.