Thursday, January 13, 2011


I figure if I keep trying to make up retelling the days that have passed, more days will just keep passing and this will not work out. So instead I'm just going to make some lists because lists are AWESOME.

Foods I have eaten here I had never tried prior to consumption

-fresh egg tortellera/tantellora/tarantuala whateverrrrrr

-white chocolate and pistaccio parfait

-this one toffee granola bar from Boots

-damson jam (can anyone tell me what damsons are? I would like to know what I'm eating)

-toffee waffle-cookie things

things I've done that were Totally British

-ridden a double decker bus/the tube

-sloshed around in the rain

-gone to a play

-read the time of day in military time

-paid for a purchase using one coin

reasons why London is the best place of all the places

-the old, beautiful architecture is all over, it literally never stops

-everywhere is just so clean

-random people walking by have accents

-little children also have accents and are THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVAR

-there are more guys in skinny jeans here than at a theater festival and this amuses me

-if you're with someone who knows where they're going, public transportation is sort of great

-prices at least appear to be lower, and not just the obvious way like 10$ is like 7 pounds. But something that would normally go for $10 at home is like 5 pounds here, which is about $7.

-Harry Potter IRL

-everything is just so full of history yesssssssss

-a bunch of museums are just free for the public. England knows what's up.

-red phone booths are plentiful :D

-it just IS, ok?

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