Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Arriving in London

So considering it's now actually my third day in London, I figure I should start this already.
I guess I'm starting this blog (I actually really hate that word and will stop using it entirely forthwith) for two reasons: 1. My mom asked me to. And I mean, come on, my mom always has the best ideas. No, really. 2. The last time I went to Europe, even though it was just a week, I didn't chronicle any of it and am now left three years later with mostly memories of friends doing dumb things like holding their breath through tunnels in the Alps and tying sweatshirts in inappropriate places than say, going into the salt mine in Salzburg or any landmark besides the Colisseum in Rome. Maybe this will help that.
So I'm not going to bore anyone who loves me enough to read this with the details of the flight. Flying by design is just as boring as it is horrifying and I merely tolerate it. What I did decide through my flying experience was when I have children, I will not be flying with them until they are at least ten. Because children in airports are obnoxious. We will be driving, and even then probable with some heavy sedatives.
So we arrived in Heathrow, went through customs blahblahblah, and I actually got my luggage within a minute of arriving at baggage claim. For those of you who went on the Italy trip, you can understand my joy at this occurrence. For those of you who didn't, it's a very tragic story involving unhelpful Germans, liquid deodorant, and sadness.
I'm going to fast forward a bit here because there was a lot of standing around at the airport and what's less interesting than people standing? Probably people sitting, but it's close. We then loaded busses that would take us to our flats and from the initial confusion of the driver on the wrong side of the bus to the clock at the front changing from 12:59 to 13:00, we feel thorougly in Britain. The ride to the flats takes about an hour, but only about half of that feels like we're in London. The first half took us through a lot of grass and country-like area, which was kind of weird, but nice. But going through the city-city was even more impressive, as we passed architecture that just doesn't exist in America on every block.
We got to our flat and what can I say? It's a flat. Pretty nice, but compared to everyone else's, my roommates (excuse me, flatmates) and I got the raw end of the deal. But I can deal because my converter hasn't blown up my laptop yet (YES) and the internet is working. Priorities.
I think I'll end this here and pick up on this day later (Oh yeah, this was kind of the longest day of my life, and that includes ACT+band competition day and the days I spent this fall with no wireless connection in our dorm room. So yeah. Hella long day.)
Oh and btw, I always though the double decker busses were just touristy things, but they are London's actual legitimate bus system. Who knew?!

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