Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ok, I have to whip through these past few days because it's already Wednesday and I'm still only on Sunday night. Let's do this thing.
After we settled into our flat a bit, we met as a group (and a fairly large group at that... 38 kids all walking en masse is kind of a menace) and walked to a restaurant called.... i forget... for dinner. Now this was not a normal dinner. It included three different courses and for me at least, every course was something that I had no idea what it actually was. The first one were these pastry things filled with chicken and herbs and whatever else... that I didn't' realize would be scalding hot when I took the first bite. The main course was this mushroom pasta stuff that I didn't realize would be pasta until I was ordering and the waiter said "That's pasta" and I was like, "Oh. Ok then." Another option for the main course was a burger and I guess not that surprisingly, a lot of people from the group stuck to familiar American things and just got that. It actually looked really good so who am I to judge? For dessert I ordered a white chocolate and pistaccio parfait, but instead of a dish or whatever-type parfait I got two rectangles of frozen... stuff. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but British stuff is weird. Now at this point everyone was running on about 36 hours without sleep (I have come to the conclusion that sleep on planes is pretty impossible) so most people retired to their flats to recover from exhaustion.
Monday morning started in a panic as my flatmates and I realized all of our alarms were messed up and we were late for the group breakfast and walk to school. So that was fun. But we caught up to everyone having breakfast and continued on to the FSU building, where we will be attending classes. It became obvious we weren't at UConn anymore quickly, was we looked upward in the lobby and saw a painted fresco on the ceiling. Yeah. That's normal.
Whatever-orientation stuff....
After orientation, a group of us went down to another street close to FSU- Tottenham Court Road, maybe you've heard of it? Deathly Hallows anyone? Where the trio apparate to after the wedding? That's a real place I've been to. Haven't seen a diner yet, but when I do you can bet there will be a picture. But anyway, people needed stuff, so we stopped at Boots, which is kind of like Walgreens, and all I kind of needed was mouthwash so I picked some up (which incidentally totally burns and is kind of gross, which is weird because it's just listerine) and while other girls were still looking around for their stuff, I browsed the food and candy section, looking for names and items I didn't recognize. Let's just say, there were quite a few. After paying for my first purchase in England with only a minor mishap (it was self-serve, "Where do I put the money in?! There's no place for it! Oh, 'notes in'. There. Haha, 'notes.'), we moved on to Sainsbury's, the big chain grocery store. I didn't really need anything there either so I just kind of walked around to see what was there. The weirdest thing were these cans of "American Hot Dogs". Probably the most unappetizing this I've ever seen.
Ok that's enough for right now, maybe I'll pick this up later. I have an open-top bus tour to get to. How is this my life?

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