Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Class, Conservation, and Cadberry Eggs

Sorry guys, this post is most likely going to be less "oh WOW London's awesome!" and more "I'm super bored and no one's on Skype so let's rant about random stuff online." Deal with it.
Classes started this week with an interesting start. My first class on Monday, Cinema and Social Change and Whatever was permanently cancelled because the professor was called back home. So that was unfortunate. I switched into a Communications class about how the media is affecting the political process (or something) and hopefully that counts toward a related course in my major... because, you know, school. Other than that, I had classes about British politics and the history of the docklands in London. They should both be ok, but the introductory stuff was slight torture. And the workload is a bit more than I expected. But if there's one thing I know how to do, it's write a paper on stuff I don't actually know anything about. Thanks, Eastview.
So for various reasons, both yesterday and today consisted for me of mostly... nothing. I just didn't have anything to do. So I pulled on my maturity pants and unpacked, organized, went grocery shopping, and did dishes. YEAH.
Tomorrow begins the next stage of this program, the internship part. I'm working with three other students for/with Global Action Plan, an organization that strives to help the environment and teach businesses and schools about living environmentally-friendly lives. At least I'm pretty sure that's what they do. I haven't finished going through their website yet. And while this may not go along with my career plan, sometimes you just have to put aside the blinders and try something else, right? That's what I'm going with, anyway. Trees, man. Trees.
So I made myself ramen for dinner (I know, impressive) and despite brushing my teeth, having a mint and a small scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, this weird filmy gross aftertaste still lingers. What do I have to do, take a power sander to my mouth? Because I'd really rather not do that, if possible.
I've also been listening to the new Avril Lavigne single on repeat pretty much all day (Wait, why are you judging me? stop that.) Aside from that song, I'm in this weird country phase right now... which is weird considering I'm kind of in the polar opposite region to appreciate that music.
OH. And did you guys realize that in Cadberry eggs the inside that's white and that weird yellow-orange color is specially colored to look like a real egg and yolk and stuff? That blew my mind a few days ago.

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