Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Week in London

ughhh i guess it's time for anotherrr postttt. fyi, the amount of extraneous letters added to words indicates either extra happiness or fatigue. this instance just happens to include the latterrrr. not that i'm not happy, but i'm just tired and... oh whatever you get it.
and also, i'm sitting in a real chair at a real table LIKE AN ADULT. yeah.
Yesterday was probably one of the best days ever. Or at least afternoon/night. I'm not going to go into details, because I could go on for days just gushing, but here's highlights: -not getting lost when it would have been completely understandable for that to happen -new friends -first experience in a British pub (which we aren't going to talk about because OMG EMBARASSING) -total England emersion of awesome.
Then today the group went on an excursion to Greenwich, which is, you know, pretty. We saw the Prime Meridian as well. How many of you can say you saw where time begins? Yeah, I'm a big deal. We also spent some time in the Queen's House (which isn't currently a queen's house, but it used to be. Now it's an art museum that houses many portraits of dead intimidating-looking white guys) and the National Maritime Museum (which we saw about an eighth of before hiting the cafe for the rest of our allotted time).
May I also note, England is also very good with cheap lunches? There are a bunch of places with these deals for only about 3 pounds... it would be like walking into a Walgreens with five dollars and leaving with a (quite tasty) sandwich, bag of chips or fruit, and a bottled drink. It's awesome and I like it.
By the time we arrived back at our flat, though, we were quite hungry and decided to cook a frozen pizza for dinner. However, for some reason we cannot figure out our oven at all. After a while I just cut the damn thing and stuck the pieces in the microwave. And it totally worked. Which leads me to the question: Why use the oven EVER? Such a waste of time. Team Microwave.
Classes actually start tomorrow, which is weird. These past few days have been so great, why ruin them with things like learning? First thing in the morning (which last semester would have been 8am is now 10am...yesssss) I have Cinema as an Instrument for Social Change. Whatever the heck that means. I'm currently supposed to be finishing the reading for that, but there's a lot of it and I'm tired and obviously complain-y so I guess I'm just... not. Maybe I should pick up a coffee habit.
So we've now been here for a complete week, and there's only fourteen or so left. That's not enough! I really need to make the most of my time here, but don't worry, I'll keep on blogging about it (cheeeeeesy)
Oh, and also. I saw Dr. Who for the first time a few days ago and it was AWESOME. Nerd status: enhanced.

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