Thursday, February 17, 2011

nothing happened this week let's write about it

I don't really have any new exploits to share here, but it's 1:30am the morning before I leave for Spring Break, and I'm in this weird happy-mood where I JUST WANT TO WRITE, OK?
Following my last post about my friends, I heard absolutely nothing from them, so can only logically assume they took offense to me lying about them and hate me forever. I feel like that's a logical conclusion. Dang.
I took a black cab for the first time tonight. Now, I was told this is a universal trait in cab drivers all over the world but OMG TERRIFYING. They go super fast and straight up don't give a shit about anyone walking or in another car. At one point, we literally drove over a curb to get around another car that wouldn't move. Ok, not gonna lie, that was pretty awesome. And it was pretty nice to just be in a car again, you know? Suburban girl through and through. TEAM AUTOMOBILE.
We also went to the Olympic site yesterday, which was pretty disappointing, really. I know they still have a year to make it awesome, but right now it's just not. Plus, whoever designed the logo for the games really dropped the ball. (That last sentence is really inappropriately funny if you know what I'm referring to. Which I've found a surprising number of people don't, so whatever.)
We had a second-annual Skins watching party tonight. Man, do those fictional kids have some problems. But honestly, I've never been so attracted to a trouble-maker with a unibrow. Point: Skins.
So this next week for me includes the weekend in Brussels, a few days in Paris then ending the week in Normandy. I don't speak any French at all, so hopefully that won't be too big an issue with the people of France, whom I'm sure are completely lovely. I'm probably looking forward to Normandy the most, is that weird to say? Even though my closest relative actually involved in the invasion was my great-uncle (who I think I missed out on meeting by about forty years, but I may be wrong about that), both my grandfathers did serve in the war, and it's a time of history I've always found fascinating. Also, while I am the first person to critique America and bring its faults to light, I also love where I come from and going to this place where so many sacrificed everything so I can have opportunities like studying in this city... it's just something I have to do.
ok that's enough SUPER SERIOUS times.
I'll try to do interesting things so I can come back with good stories about French exploits. And croissants. And berets. And mustaches. #stereotypes crap... this isn't Twitter.

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