Thursday, March 3, 2011

BEDFORT: Versailles for realsies

So it's late again, and I really don't want to write this right now. But I'm pushing through it because I'm a freaking trooper and I am commited. YOU ARE WELCOME.

Versailles was history-tastic, despite the fact that we fought for a discount on tickets, but didn't get any. Psh. France. Right off the bat on the outside, you can just tell it's a big deal. Gilded stuff everywhere. Then inside, that gilding is complemented by chandaliers. Seriously, going through my pictures of France, a pattern emerged and that pattern was bunches of crystal and lights hanging from ceilings.

We did get an audio tour to go along with our tickets, but mine unfortunately died in the second or third room. So nerdy me didn't get to learn quite as much as I would have liked to. Some of my friends did offer theirs to me though, and I declined, so I don't really have anyone to blame but me. Still, let's just blame the French, k?

Overall, it was pretty awesome to walk around a place so integral to the history of its country, and honestly, if I had been a French peasant in 1792, I would have been pissed about how the royals lived too. They had it nice up there. After strolling around the gardens for a while, we hit up the gift shop (duh) for some postcards then went to McDonald's (DUH OF COURSE MCDONALD'S AT VERSAILLES) for lunch. This McDonald's was awesome though- they had theese booths with touchscreens where you could put in your order and just pick it up at the counter. I tried it and it was fantastic, mostly because I am a total fan of not interacting with other people.

Back in Paris, we went to the Musee D'Orsay, basically just to see some Van Gogh's, which we did, along with this guy who was literally wearing a black and white striped shirt, a man scarf, and a red beret. He was American. While there though, I remembered my deep love for Monet, even though as I've already stated, I have a very limited amount of patience for art. However, I can now be all pretentious and say, "Oh don't you just LOVE Monet?" and point to the print of water lillies I got there.

The rest of the day consisted of: -a crepe with chocolate -randomly bumping into one of our friends but almost missing her because of all the attention being given to said crepe -walking around the Sacre Coure (another cathedral) -drinking a 2 euro plastic glass of white wine from a local grocery store, which was 12.7% -going out at night to see the Eiffel Tower lit up, while the effects of said disgusting wine were not completely out of my system -realizing after one too many pictures that my memory card was completely full. OH WHAT WILL SHE DO NOW? What a cliffhanger.

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