Saturday, April 16, 2011

you guys don't realize how long I've put off writing this post, but I'm happy with it

So I have this friend. Her name is Emily. Chances are, if you go back into the archives of my posts, if I ever say "my friend" did something, it was Emily. And since I've told you a bunch about some of my other friends here, I should probably tell you a bit about her, too. So here's some things. -Her grandfather was right off the boat from Belgium, and his family was well-known in their little village for waffles. In a country known for having the best waffles in the world, Emily's family was one of the best. When her grandfather migrated to America, he brought the family's recipe with him in the hopes of continuing the Belgian Waffle tradition on the other side of the Atlantic. And that is just what he did. The only glitch in her family's rise to breakfast greatness was a span of time in the 70's where all of the lights in the restaurant went out for a while. But the townspeople loved the waffles so much they all still showed up and ate in the dark. In the small New England town where Emily now lives, her grandfather worked for years to establish himself and his family as baked goods royalty. In fact, it is commonly known there that Emily's grandfather was the one true Waffle King. In fact, Emily's family's waffle restaurant is so good even Obama has eaten there. LOOK. The president is eating waffles. LOOK AT IT.

-Fun fact: Emily actually has a very rare skin disease that only affects her legs. This disease, while not serious, causes her legs to break out in painful hives when encased in cloth. To avoid this uncomfortable feeling, Emily avoids having this occur and rarely ever wears trousers.

-Like Greg, Emily has a Youtube channel. And just like Greg she hardly ever updates it. Here's one of her videos:

No, but seriously.

-along with her weird leg disease, Emily also suffers from short-term memory loss. She just has a lot to handle, ok? But poor Emily has to really concentrate to follow normal conversations, but unfortunately often she just can't and has to let us know that she doesn't know what we're talking about.


So even though everything I've written so far is COMPLETELY FACTUAL, I'm going to begin this next part by saying "But honestly." Just go with it.

But honestly, I could write a bit now about how I'm really happy to have made such an awesome friend who I've had awesome adventures with in England, and how I'm looking forward to future shenanigans. I mean, I could say that, but emotions are GROSS. So here's a compilation of pictures.

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