Saturday, April 30, 2011

We'll Always Have London

There were a lot of things I didn't do during my time in London.
I didn't go inside of Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's cathedral. I didn't drink tea every morning or try the many Indian or Thai restaurants available. I didn't see the changing of the guard like every tourist in the city. I didn't hook up with a British guy or go out clubbing. I didn't take advantage of the ridiculously cheap Ryanair flights and travel to Ireland. I didn't buy any of the hokey royal wedding souvenirs. I didn't try haggis in Scotland or Yorkshire pudding in London.

But my semester in Britain was anything but a disappointment.
I saw things I never realized I had always wanted to see; buildings rich with history that just doesn't exist in America and unique cultural locations. Strangers (with and without accents) turned into close friends, and brought incredible happiness back into my life. I discovered in myself a new confidence as I, always the suburban girl, made my way around an unfamiliar city. I learned so much both in and outside of the classroom about this incredible country, its story, and its people. Honestly, adequately presenting my feelings and reflections about my semester abroad is a bit beyond my capabilities. Evidence to this should be the fact that is has taken me about a half hour to write these two small paragraphs (as well as the amount of nauseating cheesiness present in so few words). I guess I'll just say this:

For the past few days I have been back in the United States, I have kept seeing random objects that remind me of certain things that happened over the past few months. Even though this happens quite often, every time it does, I find myself automatically smiling. So even though it does kill me to have that part of my life be over (I totally didn't cry writing this or anything), I know my experiences in London will not leave me. And while I may not be in those places anymore and may never be there again, I am keeping the smile, dammit.

I'm also going to keep blogging. I like it. JSYK.

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