Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wales, the Canada of Europe

Oh hey guys. It's been a while, what's up? ... that's nice. I can't actually hear you, you realize that right? Oh, good. I was worried for a second. Wow, that was the most not-funny introduction I've probably ever written. It's all about raising the bar. I play to win. Speaking of which, my fair-weather fandom has been reinvigorated because my college is now better than yours and there's no reason to even argue about it. Sorry, that's just how it is. I don't care much about sports, but I care just enough to bask in the glory of being better than everyone else. I always care enough to do that. So the past couple of weeks have been sort of awesome. Not school so much, but at least it hasn't sucked. Actually, in one of my classes this week we watched "The Special Relationship" about Tony Blair and Bill Clinton and is it sad I loved it? Dennis Quaid was spot on as Clinton, and when he first came on camera, the entire class cracked up because honestly, that president was pretty much a cartoon character. Also, was Tony Blair always such a dick? Because I get the feeling the man is slightly ridiculous and I don't get it. We were able to visit Oxford last weekend, which of course meant more Harry Potter geeking out. I'm not saying we recreated a specific scene in a spot where they shot the movie, but who am I kidding YES I AM SAYING THAT. I bought an Oxford crew sweatshirt and am now just that much more English. On the following Friday, I sat in a bus for three hours with some friends to visit Cardiff for the day. While being surprisingly devoid of touristy stuff, I sort of loved it. I found my family name on stuff in the gift shop and for me that's all the homecoming I need. I am now Welsh. Officially. One of the important stops in our Cardiff day was the harbor, because some important Doctor Who stuff apparently happened there, and my friend insisted. Because we decided against taking a bus there, it took us an hour and a half and three times asking directions before we found it. But it was really nice and water-y and all that. As we were leaving, some men were setting up equipment for whatever, and there were cords on the ground. While I asked my friends, "Should we not go around?" they just kept on walking and I think you can guess what happened next. This is my list of different places Sara has fallen down this term: -the stairs outside the Science Museum -the undergound in Paris -Scotland (I can't remember a specific incident but let's just assume it happened) -Greenwich -numerous tube stations coming off the moving walkway -Belgium (see Scotland) -Wales. It's ok though, my camera and my knees broke my fall. Also, people are very, very friendly in Wales. That's what I'm referring to in the title of this post. As well as the fact that the stronger nearby country straight up doesn't really give a shit about them. But they should because it's just a nice place, you know? What's so wrong with nice, anyway? I like nice. On occassion. The rest of the weekend consisted of me not doing the piles of homework I have to do and instead hanging out with out British friends and my new Austrian best friend. Wait, is he going to read this?... probably not. YES WE'RE TOTALLY BEST FRIENDS. At one point on Saturday, when we were hanging out in a park, one of the guys pulls out his mac (no, not a nerdtastic euphemism) and did some coding and took a dailybooth picture. Nerds are the best, yes? Love it. At another point, we were waiting for a train on the tube, and across the tracks was an advertisement for Austrian tourism, and it looked stereotypically gorgeous and mountainous and frankly too good to be true. So we jokingly ask our friend from Vienna, "Hey, that's totally what it looks like where you're from, right? RIGHT? LAWL" Too bad his hometown is a super amazing village whose name I can't pronounce in a valley where it really does look like that. I saw pictures. My life isn't fair. And unless you live there too, your life isn't fair either. I also went to four Spoons in four days. I am actually very proud of this.

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